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General enquiries

Not sure who you need to speak with or want general information about our work?  Please call or email us:

Tel: 0300 302 0023

Email: [email protected]

Donations and fundraising

Want to talk to someone about making a donation, fundraising on our behalf, or supporting our work in any other way? Please contact our Development Manager:

Sanpreet Janjua

Tel: 0300 302 3422

Email: [email protected]

Digital and Comms

Please get in touch with our Digital and Communications Co-ordinator:

Matthew Tiller

Tel: 0300 302 3430

Email: [email protected]

PR and Media

Please get in touch with our PR representation.

Premier Music

Tel: +44 (0)207 292 8330

Email: [email protected]

Identifying Talent training

Interested in our inclusive teacher training programme? Please get in touch with our ITP Programme Producer.

Sophia Loizou

Email: [email protected]

Awards programme

For full information and to apply for an Award visit

General Awards enquiries:
Tel: 0300 302 0023
Email: [email protected]

Furthering Talent programme

Want to talk to someone about our Furthering Talent programme?  Please contact our Programme Manager:

Neil Phillips

Tel: 0300 302 3418

Email: [email protected]


Would you like to speak to us about Young Sounds UK presenting at your conference or event? Please contact our Chief Executive:

Hester Cockcroft

Tel: 0300 302 1185

Email: [email protected]

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Young Sounds UK
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