How we help

Removing obstacles, realising potential

Each of our programmes is built around two key aims: removing the financial barriers and other obstacles that prevent young people getting into music, and helping realise their potential once they’re on their way. We’re here to give the best help and support possible, inspiring them to not only succeed, but excel.

Our four main programme areas are:

Identifying Talent

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Training teachers how to spot and nurture young people’s musical potential

Furthering Talent


Targeting and sustaining young people’s emerging talent through individual support

Awards Programme

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Funding young talent UK-wide, through annual grants and tailor-made help for individual musicians


Talent to talent

In our independent role in the music education sector: leading new thinking and action on talent development

Offers of support

Opportunities in your area

We’ve established a network of experts across the music education sector in England. We’re calling them ‘Connectors’ and their role is to connect young people and families with musical opportunities and information.

Help with musical costs

Through the Awards Programme, we support over 300 young instrumentalists, songwriters, composers and producers each year, with funding and other help to develop their musical potential.

Free music inclusion training

Giving teachers the tools they need to identify those with talent and potential, especially in whole class or larger group settings. Available via Music Hubs, Multi Academy Trusts, individual schools and other organisations.