Innovation and Research

Thought leaders in talent development

In our independent role we bring together some of the most innovative and creative minds around. Our approach at all times is to work collaboratively and in a joined up way with our colleagues across the sector to help young people achieve their musical potential. The young people we help are constantly striving to be excellent musicians, and we continually strive to be better enablers.

Evaluation of whole class tuition

We worked with the Department for Education and Music Mark to co-commission a report evaluating the impact of whole class instrumental tuition.

Musical Progressions Roundtable (MPR)

Our influential Musical Progressions Roundtable (MPR) involved colleagues from across the sector and many young people too. It led to a major shift in how progression is viewed across the sector.

Talent to Talent

Talent to Talent is our music-based mentoring programme which combines peer mentoring opportunities with creative music making. Young musicians take the lead and discover more about their musical selves through sharing ideas and experiences with a mentor or mentee at a different stage in their musical development.

The Online Individual Learning Plan

A dynamic and exciting new tool that supports young people’s independent music learning and progression. The Online Individual Learning Plan has been developed in partnership with Charanga and brings a new dimension to the student/teacher learning relationship.

Practical Progression

Practical Progression is a film series, made by music leaders, for music leaders from any setting. Produced in partnership with five Music Education Hubs, the films aim to build on music leaders’ existing tool kit, whatever setting they're working in.