Maya Moh: My Musical Journey

I remember just sitting there and saying: “Wow, I want to be able to be on a stage and wear amazing dresses and make a beautiful sound.”

With her sights set on a life on the concert stage, Maya Moh knows a thing or two about discipline. Her day starts at 6 am with violin practice before heading to school to play piano at 7.45 am. “The waking up can be hard” she says “but I like having a routine and being organised.” After a busy school week Maya travels from Canterbury to London each Saturday for an immersive day at the Junior Royal Academy of Music.

Describing her love of the violin she says “there are so many characteristics you can portray. When you play it just right, the tone quality is absolutely beautiful.” But the most skilled craftsperson needs the right tools and Maya found herself hitting a wall with tone production due to playing with a basic student bow. AYM’s support changed this; she now has a carbon fibre bow. “It’s a lot lighter so certain bow strokes are so much easier and I can make a beautiful sustained sound.”

True to her potential and drive, Maya has just been offered a music scholarship at The King’s School Canterbury. Maya has a passion for performing and definitely sees herself doing this in the future.

Part of our 20th anniversary project: My Musical Journey

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