“Music is the universal language that everyone understands.”

Raphael started making music from a young age. He started learning music with the clarinet before becoming interested in improvisation and music creation and realised he really enjoyed composing music. In particular, using music technology to create songs and pieces.

His interest in Music Technology intensified during the pandemic. He used this time to develop his skills further and could be found glued to his computer. While he didn’t think much of his first pieces, his experience progressed and he started to create songs he was proud of. 

Being in a family of musicians, he was always being given suggestions on how to improve his pieces musically and spent a lot of time learning how to use the software to do so. He wishes to progress to a more advanced level, however restrictions in his financial circumstances.

“Music technology is not by any means cheap and this has reflected on the quality of music I produce. The equipment I had really restricted what I could do, and thus how “good” my pieces would sound”

In 2020 he was a recipient of the Mike Beament Award in music technology : 

“Without AYM I would not have even considered music technology. Even though music is essential in my life I didn’t want to continue it as a career, which, before AYM, I thought meant never being able to play music ever again; I was wrong. AYM taught me that even if performing music isn’t what I want to pursue, it doesn’t have to end there, which is how I started to explore the idea of being a lawyer for musicians (what I’m working towards). AYM has helped me maintain my creativity.”

“I consider music to be an essential in my life. It is a way that I can relax and engage in something fun and interesting that is never the same. There is always diversity in music. Music being a universal language allows you to express emotions, and everyone will understand.”

If you are, or if you know, a young musician like Raphael, aged 5-17, with bags of musical potential who needs support for musical costs, AYM could help.

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