“Music is a form of expression – it allows you to create whatever you want, no matter the quality.”

For 14 year old Wiktor, playing the guitar is a way of connecting with others. He says:

“Music is a way to communicate to a listener anything they want – this can include things like emotions or political opinions. The whole point of art is to create whatever you want to create, whilst not having to appeal to anyone if you don’t want to.”

As well as his guitar lessons, Wiktor also enjoys exploring new musical styles. His teacher, Oliver, shares how this has helped Wiktor grow as a musician:

“Wiktor is developing in so many different ways since he started on the Furthering Talent programme. He is always listening to new music and sharing this with me. He has even brought a cassette in his bag to lessons that he had recorded onto with one of the items he got with his bursary.

“We’ll often listen to new music that we have found during the week, and then learn how to play some of it on guitar.”

As a result, Wiktor has found more confidence and signed up for new opportunities. Oliver continues:

“I have seen Wiktor come out of his shell. He always has such a positive, fun attitude in lessons. Wiktor has recently started attending two different groups at Music Centre on a Saturday morning – playing new styles of music, throwing himself into reading TAB and notation, and playing Bass too!”

Wiktor is supported by Awards for Young Musicians through our Furthering Talent programme in partnership with Bradford Music Education Hub. We’re excited to see how Wiktor’s musical journey continues!

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