“Give a child a chance and an opportunity and watch the rewards it brings.”

12 year old David from Lanark, Scotland has a passion for brass! Fiona, his Mum, tells us more about his musical journey. She says:

“David started playing when he had to accompany his sister Aileen to her brass band rehearsals. There he was asked what instrument he played. When he said he didn’t play anything because he wasn’t old enough, someone from the band lent him a baritone horn and, well, the rest is all history!”

AYM’s support has made a great difference to David’s music making and his confidence. As Fiona continues:

“It has enabled David to purchase his new baritone, a silver one at that! The old one he had was bashed and battered. The difference in sound is amazing and it has progressed David’s confidence and playing ability no end. He always enjoyed playing but now he takes such a pride in it!

“This is even more relevant as David has Asperger’s Syndrome. Socialising and making friends being something he struggles with. Music has not only given him an interest and passion, but it’s also given him a chance to interact and socialise with other band members.

“Thanks go to Whitburn Youth Band for lending David a baritone and then to AYM for believing in his talents and helping him with his new instrument.”

Thanks to support from our donors, we’re able to give musical opportunities to young musicians like David from across the UK. Thank you!

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