Champions for Children 2022 – Meet Princetta

In partnership with Lewisham Music, this week (Tuesday 14 June to Tuesday 21 June), we’re raising £24,150 to support 30 young musicians on our Furthering Talent programme. This week we’re introducing you to seven young musicians who are all on our Furthering Talent programme in Lewisham.

Yesterday we introduced you to 12 year old Blessing who plays the violin. Today, we’d like you to meet 15 year old Princetta.

Princetta’s story

Princetta has immersed herself in music ever since she started playing the flute. For over five years she has spent her Saturdays at Lewisham Music centre learning as she much can and has progressed quickly. She’s now studying Music for her GCSEs too.

She says: 

“I like music because it allows you to express yourself in ways that words cannot.” 

Last summer, she was faced with having to stop these lessons when her bursary placement came to an end, which was really upsetting for her. 

Thankfully, she was then offered a place on Furthering Talent and could continue her lessons without worrying about costs. She says: 

“Since being on Furthering Talent I’ve learnt that I’m actually pretty good at music. I’ve improved a lot since I joined because of my lessons and other opportunities. The best thing about Furthering Talent is the free equipment, the lessons and the fact that I get to go to gigs without using my mum’s money!” 

As well as continuing her flute lessons, Furthering Talent has also given Princetta opportunities to widen her musical knowledge and receive mentoring through our Exchange programme which we run in partnership with the BBC Symphony Orchestra.    

“The best thing that has happened to me since being on Furthering Talent is joining the BBC Exchange mentoring programme – I now have a mentor who is an oboist and helps me with my flute playing. I loved going to the launch day in February and listening to people talk about their musical interests. I’ve started to imagine what a career in the music industry could look like.” 

You can help young musicians like Princetta to continue their musical journeys by supporting AYM and Lewisham Music in our Champions for Children appeal. 

This week we’re raising £24,150 to support our Furthering Talent programme. Through this, 30 children in Lewisham, like Princetta, will receive tailored musical support including free weekly instrumental lessons. 
The Childhood Trust have generously backed our project, along with many of our kind supporters. This means that any donations, up to a total of £12,075, made between  now and midday on Tuesday 21 June will be doubled! 
Please donate today so that many more young people like Princetta can reach their musical potential. Thank you! 

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