145 young musicians join our 2019 Awards programme

Following an intensive adjudication period we are delighted to announce that 145 young musicians have been invited to join our 2019 Awards programme. They will each receive a means-tested grant ranging from £100 to £2,000 to support their individual musical needs, such as paying for instruments, lessons or travel.

“Musical talent is everywhere but opportunity isn’t. AYM is here to change that, and our annual Awards are a key part of our work. Thanks to the generosity of our many supporters we’re delighted to announce that in 2019 we’ll be supporting 145 talented young musicians from across the UK who need help with their music costs. Awards are for everything from tuition to travel: what’s most important is our individual support for each young person’s particular musical needs and ambitions. And we’re about much more than money too: each Award recipient can look forward to a year of other exciting musical opportunities from AYM and our many partners!”

Hester Cockcroft: CEO

Our Awards programme aims to remove the biggest obstacle many talented young musicians face: a simple lack of money. We offer up to £100,000 in grants each year to exceptional young musicians whose families are on a lower income. We provide flexible funding towards musical costs (such as tuition, instrument costs or travel) plus individual support to cater to personal circumstances, such as mentoring and workshops with professional musicians, the chance to observe them perform, free tickets to concerts and performance opportunities.

Our Awards programme is both inclusive and means-tested, allowing young people to get the right level of support based on their own circumstances.

Our main Awards are the Robert Lewin Scholarships. The sale proceeds of Robert Lewin’s collection of stringed instruments, bows and books were used to found the charity in 1998. We also offers a number of special named Awards each year which are funded by private individuals, companies or in partnership with other trusts and organisations.

“Every child deserves the chance to make the most of their potential in life. The barriers are high if a family is struggling financially and if life is challenging in other ways too. AYM makes a musical life possible for everyone, no matter where they come from.” Sir Simon Rattle, AYM Patron

“AYM’s practical support and their belief in me throughout my teenage years was invaluable and I would have struggled to get to where I am without it. Music has the power to transform lives and AYM recognise that.” Jess Gillam, Alumna and patron

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