A week with Jess Gillam

Today (Friday 26 April 2019), AYM Alumna and Patron Jess Gillam visits her friends and family in Ulverston, Cumbria, kicking off a week of workshops, performances and Q&A sessions with young people supported by Awards for Young Musicians.

After launching her debut record on Decca Classics at her family tearoom, she will then travel from Cumbria, where her musical journey began, to London and Brighton, meeting and working with AYM young musicians as she goes. 

First up, two exceptional teenage saxophonists supported by our Awards programme, Tallulah (16) and Parthenope (17), will spend this evening with Jess, working on challenging repertoire and talking all things music and saxophone. 

“I’m sure she’ll have some really interesting suggestions about my playing and I’ll gain a lot from that. I want to have a career as a professional musician so I’ll be asking her about her own path as a female young musician.”

“Jess has a very open-minded and encouraging attitude toward issues and ideas in music. As an aspiring professional musician, I am keen to talk to her about her achievements and her process.”

After the weekend Jess will travel on to London, where she’ll work with a younger group of AYM Award winners, running masterclasses and answering questions about her musical journey.  

Then it’s down to Brighton to meet and inspire children just beginning their musical journey. St. John the Baptist Primary School will welcome Jess to their morning assembly, where she’ll perform for the whole school before working with a small group of young musicians supported by our Furthering Talent programme.

“Jess is the perfect role model for our talented young musicians. Not only is she a phenomenal musician but having been supported by AYM until relatively recently, the young people can see that talent, hard work and passion can indeed show results!”

Philip Jones, Chairman of AYM’s Board of Trustees

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