Award winner photo competition

After our 2017 Awards Day, we set our Award winners a challenge to take a photograph of themselves doing something they love, featuring their AYM Award certificate. We had some great entries but our favourite was from Shenara. Well done Shenara!

I have always watched my sisters and brother perform Irish dancing. I come from a very traditional Irish musical background, where we all play a variety of different musical instruments. This year I was very privileged to be awarded such a beautiful 1880 French violin, which I had the fantastic opportunity of playing at the Annual Christmas Irish dancing school concert. My siblings also danced in this which was really special. Here we are in this photo before the concert.” Shenara

Our four runners up in the photo competition were:

Poppy: pictured surrounded by items from her hobbies, including her four guinea pigs

Alex: pictured with “The Beast” from Beauty and the Beast, a pantomime he played drums for over Christmas

Jakub: pictured out mountain biking – another great love of his

I Cheng: pictured after rehearsing music with her brother 

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