“Music is such an amazing outlet to express how I’m feeling. At times it can make us very vulnerable, but I believe that’s a good thing.”

This week (Tuesday 30 November – Tuesday 7 December) AYM are taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge.   

We’re sharing seven stories of what music means to seven young musicians we’ve supported. By the end of the week the theme of these stories will have spelled BIG GIVE. Today’s the final day! Our theme is the letter “E” and 16 year old trombonist Elijah speaks about how music helps him express himself. He says: 

“Without music I don’t believe I could have matured into the person I am today. It is incredibly humbling to perform with experienced musicians and I have learnt how to absorb information and how to listen to others. Anyone that has played music and performed to people can say it has helped them to become more confident. It has definitely helped me!  

“As a young performer I wouldn’t have been able to stand up in front of loads of people and play and express myself without these skills. 

“Although I have the bands that I play with, motivating myself to practice when I haven’t had trombone teachers has been difficult. It is hard to find teachers who are in the right proximity to where I live, that fit with my schedule and that are jazz focused. 

“AYM’s support has given me numerous opportunities and the financial help for trombone lessons which has aided my progression with my instrument immensely. 

“I don’t know if music will become my profession, but I know that I owe my life to it, that it will always be a part of my journey and that I would not be the same person without it.” 

If you would like to support more young musicians like Elijah so they can express themselves, please donate this week during the Big Give Christmas Challenge. We’re raising £70,000 to support talented young musicians through our Awards programme. Donations made during the Big Give Christmas Challenge can be doubled, meaning your donation will have twice its impact!  

If you have any questions about fundraising, feel free to get in touch with AYM’s Development Manager, Sanpreet Janjua

Tel: 0300 302 3422

Email: [email protected]

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