Jennifer Pike: My Musical Journey

Winning the BBC Young Musician at such a young age was a special experience and opened so many doors.

Life-changing events can happen at any time in a musician’s life, but violinist Jennifer Pike found herself getting something of a head start when she was catapulted to fame aged only 12 after winning BBC Young Musician of the Year. Thrust into the spotlight, she found herself travelling all over the world, recording with some of the most famous orchestras in the industry and forging a career as one of UK’s most celebrated solo violinists.

In a pressured and fast-moving profession Jennifer is quick to emphasise the importance of having good people around you. “The music industry can be very tough. You’re giving your soul on stage at numerous concerts to these wonderful audiences. It’s so personal: connecting with an audience is special but it can be very exhausting mentally and physically, and with the travel too – you can be lugging your suitcase and your instrument and you’re not sure where you’re going, trying to find the concert hall!” Friends give you encouragement and belief says Jennifer. “Talking with the audience after a performance is also a lovely thing. Hopefully I’m still sort of normal!”

Part of our 20th anniversary project: My Musical Journey

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