Champions for Children – Meet Shammah

This week, as part of our Champions for Children appeal, we’re introducing you to seven young musicians who are all on our Furthering Talent programme in Lewisham.   

Today we’d like you to meet 11 year old Shammah. 

Shammah’s Story

Shammah began playing the guitar in school and loved her lessons. She even joined her school orchestra. However, when the funding for these lessons ended she nearly had to stop her lessons.

Fortunately she was able to join Furthering Talent, meaning she could continue with her guitar lessons and enjoy other musical opportunities.

Shammah says

“My experience on Furthering Talent so far has been amazing and helpful. I’ve learnt so many new techniques that have made me better at playing the guitar. I’m so much more confident when I play in front of people and I’ve learnt not to give up and persevere.

“Music to me is an escape from reality and like a portal into my greatest fantasies. It’s where I can be alone with my thoughts and it gives me an unexplainable feeling. I just feel like I’m floating in the air.”

“My dream is to perform in a large group at big events like playing my favourite instrument in a band for a concert at the O2.”

You can help young musicians like Shammah to continue their musical journeys by supporting AYM and Lewisham Music in our Champions for Children appeal.

This week we’re raising £24,150 to support our Furthering Talent programme. Through this, 30 children in Lewisham, like Shammah, will receive tailored musical support including free weekly instrumental lessons.

The Childhood Trust have generously backed our project, along with many of our kind supporters. This means that any donations, up to a total of £12,075, made between now and midday on Tuesday 28 June will be doubled!

We’ve already raised £20,980 and just have another £3,170 to go!

Please donate today so that many more young people like Shammah can reach their musical potential. Thank you!

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