Meet Hawa and Sulieman – Champions for Children

This week, as part of our Champions for Children appeal, we’re introducing you to seven young musicians who are all on our Furthering Talent programme in Lewisham.   

You’ve already met Princetta and Blessing and today we’d like you to introduce you to siblings Hawa and Sulieman.   

Hawa and Sulieman’s story

11 year old Sulieman and 9 year old Hawa are both on the Furthering Talent programme.  

Sulieman plays the clarinet and uses music to help him relax.  

He says: 

Music to me is when I take a moment to think, clear my thoughts and play. It relaxes me. I like music because it helps me express my feelings. I really enjoy practising a variety of music and songs.” 

Like her brother, Hawa also finds music relaxing. After experimenting with a noisy trumpet, Hawa now plays the guitar which is a lot more peaceful. She says: 

“Music is something that I can do to clear my mind. I like music because it’s always so relaxing. Before I used to play the trumpet but it was so noisy that some people in the house didn’t like it. But now I can play the guitar and it’s really relaxing and quiet.” 

Their mum, Lile, says: 

“The biggest change in both of my children since they joined Furthering Talent is with their confidence. They never would have had the opportunity to or be confident enough to perform in front of a group of people without it. Furthering Talent is important because it’s given both Suleiman and Hawa the opportunity to play different musical instruments and have exposure to music in a way they wouldn’t have had at school or at home.” 

You can help young musicians like Sulieman and Hawa to make music and feel calm and confident by supporting AYM and Lewisham Music in our Champions for Children appeal. 

This week we’re raising £24,150 to support our Furthering Talent programme. Through this, 30 children in Lewisham, like Sulieman and Hawa, will receive tailored musical support including free weekly instrumental lessons. 

The Childhood Trust have generously backed our project, along with many of our kind supporters. This means that any donations, up to a total of £12,075, made between now and midday on Tuesday 21 June will be doubled! 

We’ve already raised £17,420 and just have another £6,730 to go! 

Please donate today so that many more young people like Sulieman and Hawa can reach their musical potential. Thank you! 

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