Dan Moore: My Musical Journey

You’re making music with a really tight knit group of friends.

There is a community spirit to music, one that euphonium player Dan Moore has always been keen to tap into.  From seeing his dad, dressed smartly in his uniform, heading off to brass band practice with his tuba, to being invited to join Lancashire’s famous Leyland Brass Band, Dan has always seen music as more than a solo pursuit. Now an integral member of the band, whose focus continues to be engaging with the communities many of their members are part of, Dan is also a marketing manager for his day job, a function he sees as critical for musicians in the modern world.  “The world is changing, you can’t just expect people to turn up to your concerts; you’ve got to go out there and sell yourself.”

He describes being in a brass band as something that’s its own world completely, with its social side too.  “You’re making music with your friends; you go on the coach to concerts together and to football matches at the weekend.” For Dan the twin pursuits of music and marketing have instilled a passion for perseverance and music promotion that are already standing him in good stead.

Part of our 20th anniversary project: My Musical Journey

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