Dr Linda Beeley Award

AYM are delighted to launch the Dr Linda Beeley Awards to support young classical musicians.

Dr Linda Beeley says

“I was lucky as a child to go to a school where music was important.  Opportunities to participate, including individual lessons, were available free to everyone.  I played the piano and cello.  In my working life as a doctor I didn’t play much though listening to music (mainly classical) was always important.  But when I retired I went back to the piano.  I had lessons again and spent many happy years playing for myself and others, joining a piano club and going to piano playing weekends several times a year.  I probably wouldn’t have done this if I hadn’t had the opportunities I had as a child.  So not only was music an important part of my education, giving me enjoyment throughout my life, but the opportunities I had as a child provided a foundation I could build on in later life.”

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