Furthering Talent: End of Year Review 2021

2021 was an eventful year for many reasons and we really wanted to share some of the fantastic work that has taken place as part of the Furthering Talent programme across the country. So, we’re very proud to present the first ever Furthering Talent 2021 End of Year Review! It’s full of interesting stories, key stats and great photos – to give you a glimpse into the amazing music making that took place. We would also like to thank Youth Music, Arts Council England and all of our partner hubs for their continued hard work and support.

I’m immensely proud of how the Furthering Talent team has risen to the challenge of Covid-19. We’re very lucky to have such great Local Coordinators running Furthering Talent in our partner Music Education Hubs. They’ve all demonstrated amazing levels of positivity, creativity and passion, enabling the best musical experiences and holistic support for our students as possible. 

Neil Philips, Programme Manager, Furthering Talent

What is Furthering Talent?

Furthering Talent is designed to help musical young people from low income families from the moment the first sparks of potential appear. We support their instrumental learning far beyond initial state-funded lessons, so they can keep on playing music well into their teens and beyond.

We’re now delivering our Furthering Talent programme in partnership with fifteen Music Education Hubs across England. The programme identifies and supports talented young musicians who, without our intervention, would not otherwise be able to access music education. Over the past 12 months the continued success of the programme, including its ability to influence real change across the sector has helped to further enhance its strong reputation.

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