Kwasi’s Story: Furthering Talent

AYM started me off on my first instrument, the alto saxophone, and if they hadn’t I don’t think I would have been able to start: if they hadn’t seen me and seen that I was good, I don’t think I would have taken it as seriously as I am now. I enjoy playing because I can see myself moving up the steps. Also, apart from the actual skill, I’ve met lots of friends I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t started music. Sometimes at school people aren’t all that sensible, but in music everyone’s really nice and into the same things you are.

Going to school in Manchester, everyone was into football. I wasn’t made fun of for liking music, but it was nice to see my friends moving up into the under 13s team, as I moved up in my music.

I got into AYM’s Talent to Talent mentoring programme because AYM could see that I was taking my music seriously. On the programme different musicians came together, with the older ones being mentors and the younger ones being students. I was lucky and got Patsy, Jess Gillam’s sister, and it was really inspiring to see someone higher up than me not just settle down but keep on moving. It showed me where I could be.

I recently got into the Junior Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) where I’m starting in September. When I go to there for open days and concerts, I sometimes see Jess or Patsy, and it’s just nice to know someone there. AYM has helped me learn a lot of tips and tricks. They seemed small at first, but when you get to RNCM and experience all the big stuff, you realise how important those small things were.

In 10 years I think I’ll be in a well-known orchestra, like the London Symphony Orchestra. I don’t think I’ll be too famous, not the next big thing or anything, but I will definitely be known.

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