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Identifying Musical Talent and Potential (ITP) exists to make music education fairer and tackles one of the biggest obstacles to talented young people’s musical progress: many teachers have limited experience of how to identify musical potential in the first place.

Funded by Arts Council England through their Hub Support Programme, this new initial phase will see Awards for Young Musicians (AYM) reach over 1000 teachers across England, exploring the skills they need to spot the next generation of musical talent.

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8 Facets of Musical Potential

This document outlines the Eight Facets of Musical Potential that can be observed within a group context and the over-arching principles which relate to working with all young people, regardless of setting or ability.

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Identifying Musical Talent and Potential - what are you really learning about your students?

In this article by Lead Facilitator Hugh Nankivell, we explore how to spot potential in your students and the key elements of working in this way.


Video resources

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