Kwasi Sefa-Attakora: My Musical Journey

If AYM hadn’t found me and seen that I was good, I don’t think I would have taken music as seriously as I do now.

Kwasi Sefa-Attakora is a great example of why spotting musical potential in the first place is every bit as important as nurturing recognised talent. After a teacher discovered him at a young age through participating in AYM’s Identifying Talent programme, Kwasi joined the charity’s Furthering Talent scheme. During his time on Furthering Talent, he worked his way up through the grades on alto saxophone, then bassoon and it became readily apparent that he was beginning to take music very seriously indeed.

Kwasi’s involvement in AYM’s young musician-led Talent to Talent mentoring programme further expanded his musical horizons, and this year he has also joined its Awards programme. Most recently he was accepted into the Junior Royal Northern College of Music, which he began in September. Kwasi is ambitious for his musical future: “in 10 years I think I’ll be in a well-known orchestra, like the London Symphony Orchestra. I don’t think I’ll be too famous, not the next big thing or anything, but I will definitely be known.”

Part of our 20th anniversary project: My Musical Journey

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