Lily’s musical journey in Furthering Talent

Lily is 10 years old and lives in the North of England, in a very economically deprived area. She began playing the trumpet in September 2018 in her primary school class of 30 children. She showed a great attitude, instinctive musicality and a very natural tone on her trumpet.

Her primary school classroom lessons were coming to an end, so when her Hub started recruiting for the Furthering Talent programme, Lily’s nomination was one of the first that came in.

Lily’s school was not sure she should participate, due to long-term behaviour issues. But Lily’s mother gave her permission, and Lily was enrolled in the programme.

Having joined Furthering Talent Lily began receiving weekly music lessons and was able to attend Junior Brass Band for the first time. Lily has attended every rehearsal since and has performed at every concert.

Lily has not only made significant progress in her trumpet lessons but her behaviour has vastly improved at school. She looks forward to the days when she has her trumpet lessons and brass band and she shows a genuine sense of pride about taking part in Furthering Talent.

“The only day I really want to come to school is when I have my lesson with Mr Jones … Whenever I am angry, playing the trumpet calms me down. It just makes me feel delighted … I like band on a Monday because I have so many more friends there.”

Lily’s class teacher has also noticed an improvement in Lily’s school life:

“Lily is a much calmer person. She still has off moments, but she is much easier to reach now once she has been reminded of her musical talents. Her attitude towards her learning in other subjects has also improved.”

Musically, Lily is now thriving. She is working toward her Grade 2 and is playing regularly in several ensembles both inside and outside school. She loves composing too. Her ambition – to one day go to music college – is now a genuine prospect for her.

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