“Music is making me feel better” – Raymi shares his experience of lockdown

Meet Raymi (10) from London. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and a 2019 AYM Award winner (we’ve been supporting his piano lessons). Raymi responded to a creative challenge we put out to our Award winners: to record a video showing how they’ve been making music during the lockdown and to share something of how they are navigating this difficult time.

“During lockdown I’ve been practising music with my parents. Music is making me feel better because I usually feel very anxious and nervous. When I think about my friends I really miss them. At least I have an activity which will remind me of them because most of my friends play music. And I get to see my friends virtually too, so that is an upside of lockdown.” Raymi

Giving talent a chance

Musical talent is everywhere but, more than ever, opportunity isn’t. Life may feel like it has been paused but music is still playing. Young musicians are still playing. We’re continuing to support over 500 young musicians from across the UK. Thanks to our family of supporters – most of whom have committed to make a monthly donation – young people are busy listening to, creating and playing music.

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