“I’m getting so good at playing now and I never want to stop.”

8 year old Millie was one of the first pupils who joined our Furthering Talent programme in Sunderland. She began piano lessons in January 2020. During the lockdown, these had to take place online. With no laptop at home, these lessons were on her mum’s smartphone. Despite the challenges of this, Millie’s mum and teachers saw the positive impact these lessons for Millie and she progressed well with her playing. Thankfully she’s now back having in person lessons.

Her school teacher says:

“Furthering Talent has changed Millie’s life! She was the most quiet and shy little girl but she is blossoming. Mam sends pics into school of lessons and gives updates whenever she comes to pick Millie and her brother up. She is just thriving: she is a changed little girl! Her face lights up when she talks about the lessons and she updates me whenever I see her.”

Millie says “I love how the piano sounds when I play it. It is calm and beautiful. It makes me feel happy inside.”

We’re looking forward to seeing Millie continuing to blossom into a confident young musician!

You can help young musicians like Millie though the Champions for Children campaign.We’re partnering with Lewisham Music to raise £24,150 to support our work with young musicians on our Furthering Talent programme. To do this, we need to raise £6,038 in pledges by 5 pm on Friday 1 April.

If you make a pledge, your donation will be doubled by other supporters during The Childhood Trust’s Champions for Children campaign between Tuesday 14 June 2022 and Tuesday 21 June 2022.

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