“AYM has enabled Aileen to attend the Junior Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and is helping her achieve her ambitions to become a professional musician. It has helped her confidence that AYM believes in her as we do. “

16 year old Aileen from Lanarkshire’s love of music was passed down the generations from her Great Grandmother to her Dad, to her. As her mum Fiona recalls: 

“Even as a small toddler Aileen was always singing and dancing and playing a toy piano. Over the next few years she would enjoy watching her dad play piano for pleasure, he enjoyed playing church organs.” 

When she was eight Aileen decided that she wanted to learn an instrument too. Fiona continues: 

“Aileen found out about the council run instrumental music service in school and eagerly put her name forward. The range was limited to brass within the small village school and after appraising everything it was decided Aileen was most suited to the trombone. She and her dad were delighted, although I remember thinking the trombone was bigger than she was!” 

Since then, Aileen has gone from strength to strength playing with the Whitburn Youth Band, the Whitburn Heartlands Band and the Coalburn Silver Band and even performing at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow! She has a great desire to give back and now teaches children who are starting their own musical journeys at the Wishaw Brigade Band. Fiona says: 

“Our whole family is so proud of Aileen for carrying forward the family passion for music. Her dad, gran and uncle in particular are bursting with pride that Aileen has the great love of music her father and generations before her have.” 

Thanks go to supporters of AYM whose help mean Aileen and other young musicians like her can follow their dreams and love of music. 

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