“Music brings more people together”

12 year old Codi began playing the trumpet when she was in Year 5, in a class of 30. Music lessons always lit up something in Codi which the teachers didn’t see in any of her other subjects.
When Codi moved to secondary school she was disappointed to find out that her lessons might have to stop – her new school only provided individual music lessons which were too expensive.

Fortunately for Codi, this was the term that AYM began Furthering Talent in Bradford. Codi was the very first pupil who joined the programme. This meant she could continue her weekly trumpet lessons for free. She also had the opportunity to experience many musical opportunities such as visiting the Royal Northern College of Music.

Codi also receives mentoring from an AYM Alumni Mentor. From these sessions, she’s thought about what her future life as a musician could be. The idea of being a community musician has really struck a chord with her. She says:

“I’d definitely love that, to help people that don’t really know about music and to help them to understand how to make their own music…It’s really intriguing to help people that could struggle to get their feelings out with talking. Music brings more people together and sometimes it can be an easy way to talk to them through music. I think it would help people and let them realise that they don’t have to be scared of not being as important as somebody else.”

Codi is now actively thinking about working in the community with her music making. Without the help of Furthering Talent, Codi would no longer be playing the trumpet and music would not have made such a positive impact on her life.

Her musical journey is notable, not just for the progress she’s made as a musician but also for the realisation that she can make a difference to other people’s lives by sharing her skills with them.

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