“Music is a common language.”

15 year old Sophia has been through many changes on her musical journey over the past few years. As well as switching first study instruments, she has started attending a specialist music school. She says:

“Moving to music school in 2020 was daunting for just a split second. However as soon as I set foot in the building all my fears dissipated. It is pretty incredible how easy it is to fit in at a place where everyone has music as a common interest. Being in a place where everyone shares a love for music is what I have always longed for. Plus, I now have the opportunity to be part of a Quartet and that is one of the things I enjoy the most.”

“In the last year I transitioned from violin to viola. I instantly fell in love with its rich deep sound and switching from the treble clef to the alto clef felt quite natural. Thanks to The Cheryl King Award and AYM’s support I will be able to continue renting the viola so I am very grateful for it.”

Sophia has been supported through our Awards programme since 2018. She’s made the most of the opportunities that being an Award winner brings, such as coming to our Awards Days, taking part in masterclasses with AYM Patron and Alumna Jess Gillam and our chamber music project. As she says:

“Being an Award winner makes me feel very special. I get to do amazing things that I would never have dreamt of.”

 If you are, or know, a young musician like Sophia, aged 5-17, with bags of musical potential who needs support for musical costs, AYM could help!

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