AYM and Music Masters share new film documenting partnership work

We’re delighted to share a new film which documents our recent partnership work with Music Masters.

Partnership and Progression: Supporting teachers to spot musical potential looks at how Music Masters have established AYM’s acclaimed Identifying Musical Talent and Potential (ITP) training and associated approach to learning into their PGCEi Musicians of Change programme.

Identifying Musical Talent and Potential

ITP tackles one of the biggest obstacles to talented young people’s musical progress: many teachers’ limited experience of how to identify their musical potential in the first place. Primary school class teachers generally have very little musical training, so their limited confidence can be a stumbling block; this inevitably affects their ability to identify young people’s musical potential in their classes. Alongside this, instrumental teachers working as part of the wider Music Hub partnership can focus too much on instrumental proficiency, which can get in the way of them spotting early potential in a child who has never had the chance to play an instrument.

Partnership and Progression

The film looks at a session held in Birmingham in summer 2022, with AYM Lead Facilitator Hugh Nankivell and Programme Manager Neil Phillips introducing the group of music teachers to AYM’s approach to musical inclusion. The session explored:

  • Music making activities using voice and body which are unpacked to examine what we are really learning from them.
  • A series of short films showing young people participating in similar activities followed by a discussion around what musical potential they are demonstrating

Featuring interviews with delegates from the session, it explores the impact of the training and how it might change their approach in the future. The film also features members of the Music Masters and AYM teams speaking about how working together in this way has brought value to both organisations and to the young people we look to support.

A photo of ITP programme manager Neil Philips

AYM’s Programme Manager Neil Philips said ‘Our partnership with Music Masters has been incredibly valuable. We are organisations that share a similar ethos and similar goals so linking up made so much sense. The Music Masters teacher cohort have been so committed and have been a pleasure to work with. They’ve always really engaged in the training and are passionate about teaching music in an inclusive way’.

Watch the film below

AYM’s Identifying Musical Talent and Potential training is delivered free of charge via Music Hubs and other organisations across England. To find out more and book your session, please contact [email protected]

Musicians of Change (PGCEi)

Music Masters Musicians of Change (PGCEi) is a ground-breaking programme for instrumental teachers. Delivered in partnership with Birmingham City University’s School of Education and Social Work, the programme is dedicated to instrumental group teaching, with two core aims: to improve the standard of group instrumental learning for all children, and to provide better access to an excellent music education for those in UK communities facing systemic inequality or disadvantage. Core elements (both on-line and in-person) are not only designed to improve musicians’ confidence in group teaching, but also an opportunity to work with a community of like-minded educators and world-leading instrumental and music education experts.

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