The Peta Martin Award

Peta Martin (1937 – 2021) loved music from a very young age. She played the piano throughout her life and her home was always filled with the sound of music playing. She firmly believed in the power music has to transform not just the lives of individuals but the world around us.

As an ardent supporter of Awards for Young Musicians, Peta often attended our concerts featuring performances from young musicians supported by our Awards programme. These concerts always left her feeling full of joy. She often wrote to us to express her commitment to ensuring young musicians have the opportunities they need. 

“Music has always been the love of my life and had I not been a war baby and moved from pillar to post during my education, I would possibly have taken up the clarinet as an instrument – maybe of torture to others, but delight to myself.

“The standard of talent and performance was breath taking and makes the reality of what AYM does so worthwhile. It really is impossible to understand how few of these talented youngsters would have reached this level without outside help and without being expressly put forward by their teachers, relatives and friends into the step they needed and which AYM was able to offer. Would there had been this great charity in my young day! We would not have had any army or Air Force or navy just a wonderful orchestra and star performers. 

“I am so thrilled to be part of this amazing musical charity. I am happy to hear of all the activities and so happy that these lucky talented pupils can be given the opportunity to create joy in music, whether in future professionally or simply to be able to enhance their and other’s lives. Music heals all ills.”

To honour Peta’s memory and her support of young musicians, her family created The Peta Martin Award in 2022. 

Peta’s daughter Emma said

“AYM was a source of great joy to her over the years and she enjoyed hugely not only the music and the hope of the charity whose Award winners were a constant source of delight and inspiration to her, but also the company of like-minded friends she met there.”

The Peta Martin Award will support young musicians from low income families so they can reach their potential and allow her spirit and legacy to live on. 

For more information about how you could leave a gift in you Will, click here or get in touch with our Development Manager, Sanpreet Janjua:  [email protected], 0300 302 3422.

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