Sean Shibe: My Musical Journey

The beauty that comes out of creativity is also rooted in the daily discipline, the daily slog of just going into a room and practising for six hours.

Sean Shibe knows all about the hard work, sweat and tears behind a successful solo music career. He first picked up a guitar at a young age after seeing his younger sister learning the piano and has been putting in hours ever since. Admitting that the “daily practice” can sometimes be “challenging” he’s also a true believer that the beauty coming from something creative “is also rooted in the daily discipline.” On the difficult transition from music college to a professional career he reflects that “you’ve got to think imaginatively, innovatively and ambitiously and remember you’re in it for the long haul.”

A believer that art shouldn’t only comfort the disturbed but should also disturb the comfortable, Sean has set out to break the mould, challenging expectations of what repertoire a classical guitarist should play. With the backing of Delphian Records he’s recently released his second album doing just this. Sticking it out and sticking to his guns has borne real fruits for Sean but he acknowledges that the life of a performer is not for everyone. “I don’t think it’s one for people who want that stability in their life because it’s not going to offer it.”

Part of our 20th anniversary project: My Musical Journey.

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