Young musician Spencer playing guitar at his production desk purchased thanks to his AYM Award

“I found my musical community – a place where I felt I belonged, both as a musician and as a person.” 

This week (Tuesday 30 November – Tuesday 7 December) we’re taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge.  

We’re sharing seven stories of what music means to seven young musicians we’ve supported. By the end of the week the theme of these stories will have spelled BIG GIVE. Today is day one, and we’re starting with the letter “B.” We’d like to introduce you to 18 year old Spencer who found a place to belong through music. 

As well as playing the guitar, bass and drums, Spencer writes and produces his own music. He says: 

“Music is my world. Due to my anxiety and autism I struggled my whole way through school. Music kept me going through those tough times and it still does today.  

“I first got into music when me and my family moved to Devon in 2016. I went to free music workshops run by Music at the Edge. I learnt instruments, played in bands and joined jam nights. This is where I found my musical community – a place where I felt I belonged, both as a musician and as a person. My musical knowledge grew and making music with friends helped my confidence and mental health.”  

“As I progressed my music I got into recording and making music videos. Since the beginning of the pandemic I’ve written, recorded and mixed two full albums in my bedroom!” 

AYM has supported Spencer for the past two years. His funding has helped with buying a bass guitar and also with purchasing a desk and audio interface to support his production and recording work. 

“Being part of my musical community and being able to progress my recording and playing skills has given me the confidence to take the next steps in my musical journey – to go to college at The Academy of Music and Sound in Exeter.”   

“I’d like to thank AYM for the opportunities they have given me over the past two years. My new desk is amazing and is making recording a lot easier and will hopefully last for a long time.” 

If you’d like to help young musicians like Spencer, please donate this week during the Big Give Christmas Challenge. We’re raising £70,000 to support talented young musicians through our Awards programme. Donations made during the Big Give Christmas Challenge can be doubled, meaning your donation will have twice its impact! Thank you.  

If you have any questions about fundraising, feel free to get in touch with AYM’s Development Manager, Sanpreet Janjua

Tel: 0300 302 3422

Email: [email protected]

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