Take it away: interest free loans for musical instruments

With interest-free loans for musical instruments, equipment, software and tuition, Take it Away support musicians at every level.

Whether you are a professional musician or just starting out, making music can be tough financially. The cost of instruments and private lessons mean some people never discover the joy of learning and playing music. For disabled musicians who need adapted instruments, the problems can be particularly challenging.

Our friends at Take it away work with our retail partners, Arts Council England and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to break down these barriers. As part of Creative United, a community interest company that drives economic growth and social impact in the arts and creative industries, they provide a range of subsidised and non-subsidised loans. These are designed to make learning, playing and participating in music more affordable and open to everyone.

You can buy an instrument using the loan scheme at one of 130 music shops across England and Northern Ireland. If your local store doesn’t offer Take it away, let them know and they can contact them or offer an alternative.

Credit is provided by Omni Capital Retail Finance.

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