“It is so clear to me that music-making is vital to them – they just need to make music and it is a triumph that AYM enables them to do just that.”

We’re over halfway through the Big Give Christmas Challenge (Tuesday 30 November – Tuesday 7 December). Every day this week, we’ve been sharing stories of what music means to seven young musicians we’ve supported. By the end of the week the theme of these stories will have spelled BIG GIVE. Today is day four, and our theme is the letter “G” to guide.     

Today, we’d like to introduce you to 25 year old violinist Matthew Crisp, an Alumnus of AYM’s Awards programme who knows the importance of having the right guidance on your musical journey.  

Matthew recalls how, from an early age, he knew that he wanted to help and inspire others in their music-making.  He wanted to be a guide to others, just as his teachers, mentors, friends and colleagues had been to him. Matthew has gone on to do this in a variety of ways. He says:  

“Throughout my undergraduate degree, I worked on a diverse array of projects in the community, from sharing in the first musical experiences of babies and toddlers who sparkle with rhythm as they begin to make sense of the world, to collaborating with elders who provide new perspectives on our society through their music-making. This was the first time that I began to feel satisfied that my music-making was achieving the goals I had laid out in my AYM Awards application forms. I went on to study a master’s degree in community music and am informed by this practice in all of my work as a musician.”  

Matthew now spends part of his week working for Music Mark as an Admin Assistant: 

“I love this work as it suits my organisationally-minded brain! At Music Mark, we’re working to support the music education sector by providing training and resources as well as advocating for music education at all levels of government. I’m thrilled to be able to play a part in this work and to support such an influential and forward-thinking organisation.” 

Since 2018, Matthew has also worked on AYM’s Furthering Talent and Talent to Talent programmes, mentoring young musicians, capturing their voices at events, and creating new music with them in which they compose and improvise, sometimes for the very first time.    

“I feel immensely proud of what these programmes have achieved. I relish the opportunity to work with these young people, supporting their growth as musicians. It is so clear to me that music-making is vital to them – they just need to make music and it is a triumph that AYM enables them to do just that.” 

If you’d like to give back to young musicians like Matthew please donate this week during the Big Give Christmas Challenge. We’re raising £70,000 to support talented young musicians through our Awards programme. Donations made during the Big Give Christmas Challenge can be doubled, meaning your donation will have twice its impact!   

If you have any questions about fundraising, feel free to get in touch with AYM’s Development Manager, Sanpreet Janjua

Tel: 0300 302 3422

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