The Mike Beament Awards for music technology

These Awards, launched in 2020, are in memory of Mike Beament – a fun person with a very eclectic musical taste and a love of anything new and out of the ordinary.

His contemporary musical heros were creative, experimental and rather anarchic but he was also a great opera fan so it’s perhaps no surprise that Malcolm McClaren’s 1984 album Fans which fuses opera with 1980s R&B (straight Rhythm and Blues in the 80s!) was a particular favourite. 

Mike was a great mentor and friend to people from all walks of life and I know that he would love the idea of being able to help talented young musicians to explore all that music making has to offer. He was excited by musicians who pushed boundaries and were really committed to achieving their own version of perfection. I hope that musicians who receive Mike’s Award will understand and share this passion and really take advantage of all that AYM has to offer.” Lynda Beament

NB The picture is not Mike using ‘out of the ark’ music technology but enjoying a very out of the ordinary exhibit in a Japanese exhibition of sculpture!  

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