“We love music and we feel lucky we can play together.”

Twelve year old twin brothers Nahuel and Yuma share an insatiable passion for music and are progressing really fast with the support of their instrumental teachers.

Yuma says, “I play the drum kit, orchestral percussion and the piano. I’m part of a symphony and a percussion orchestra and I also love playing jazz music and composing. Next month I will sit the grade 8 exam for orchestral percussion.”

Nahuel says, “I’ve played the bassoon since I was 8 and I love it! I’m working towards my grade 8 classical exam. I love jazz too – plus I’ve started writing my own music. During lockdown Yuma and I had fun playing and recording my compositions at home!”

Thanks go to our supporters. Your donations mean that Nahuel and Yuma can continue their instrumental lessons.

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