Zara Hudson-Kozdoj: My Musical Journey

It’s possible to become a classical musician and for that to be your career, even if you have the most humble beginnings. So don’t be fazed: be bold!

Cellist Zara Hudson-Kozdoj is an example of how music engenders social mobility when it’s combined with talent, hard work and the support of a loving family. Living in a council flat in Holloway, North London, the sacrifices her mother made are the reason Zara says she has a musical career at all. Saving every way she could to afford music lessons, her mum pushed Zara to work hard at her music in order to audition for Junior Guildhall. From there she won scholarships to the City of London School for Girls and then to Chetham’s School of Music.

She’s now studying for a master’s at the Royal College of Music. Zara is also a member of Chineke!, the professional orchestra of British BME musicians which has seen phenomenal success over the last few years, opening the refurbished Queen Elizabeth Hall and playing at the Proms. “There is help when you need it,” Zara says. “You do have to look for it, you do have to work really hard, you can’t be afraid of asking people and you have to be bold and believe in yourself… but I’m living proof that it’s possible.”

Part of our 20th anniversary project: My Musical Journey

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