Zoom masterclasses with AYM Patron Thomas Gould

For quite a few of our older Award winners (16-18) the Covid-19 lockdown came just as they were preparing for significant milestones in their musical journeys, like exams, auditions for higher education and end of year recitals. Since April AYM Patron and renowned violinist Thomas Gould has been leading regular masterclasses over Zoom with a group of AYM violinists affected in this way. They’ve been listening to each other play and getting lots of tips and tricks from Thomas, including insight into the realities of life as a professional violinist.  

“I, like most others, have struggled with the lockdown as many orchestras and groups have been cancelled or postponed. Finding an aim for practice is difficult. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the fortnightly sessions with violinist Thomas Gould, which have given me great performance opportunity and much inspiration. I don’t know what I’d be doing without them.” Kayla (16)

90 minutes in 40 seconds: take a look inside a Zoom masterclasses

Giving talent a chance

Musical talent is everywhere but, more than ever, opportunity isn’t. Life may feel like it has been paused but music is still playing. Young musicians are still playing. We’re continuing to support over 500 young musicians from across the UK. Thanks to our family of supporters – most of whom have committed to make a monthly donation – young people are busy listening to, creating and playing music.

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