Alpesh Chauhan talks all things conducting

Alpesh Chauhan joined our team of AYM Patrons in 2019. During lockdown he’s been chatting with AYM Award winners via Zoom webinars, sharing his musical journey and his experience of building a successful career as a conductor.

“My own musical journey started at the age of six when I heard a music teacher playing a cello in a school assembly.  I hope that I am able to make a difference to the lives of talented young people across the UK through my work with AYM.” Alpesh Chauhan

In order to share the learning more widely (his insights are fascinating!) we are creating a set of video resources from the filmed webinars. The first two are available here now, with more to follow:

How do you approach learning new repertoire?

What are the qualities of a great conductor?

Giving talent a chance

Musical talent is everywhere but, more than ever, opportunity isn’t. Life may feel like it has been paused but music is still playing. Young musicians are still playing. We’re continuing to support over 500 young musicians from across the UK. Thanks to our family of supporters – most of whom have committed to make a monthly donation – young people are busy listening to, creating and playing music.

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