Remember A Charity 2021: Chloe’s Story

During Remember A Charity Week (6 – 12 September 2021) we’re celebrating our generous supporters who are committed to helping the next generation of young musicians. Yesterday we shared The Mike Beament Award for Music Technology, today we are spotlighting one of the recipients of the award.

14 year old Chloe is a self-taught musician and a singer/songwriter. She plays the piano, the ukulele and the guitar. Her mum, Lynette says: 

“Chloe has always been interested in music since she was little. She started to show more interest when she was 6 years old when she started singing. When she was 11 years old, she started learning how to play the piano, guitar and ukulele, and when she turned 12 she started writing her own songs. Learning how to play the piano really helped her with songwriting which she loves.” 

As Chloe improved her songwriting, she wanted to start producing and recording her own songs. She said: 

“I love songwriting, but I don’t have the equipment to produce or record my songs. I would love the opportunity to be able to produce and record my original songs so other people can hear my music.” 

Chloe got this opportunity when she was one of young musicians to receive The Mike Beament Award for Music Technology. She used this to purchase music production and recording equipment. She says: 

“In the future I would like to be a vocal coach. I would also like to perform gigs and keep writing and producing songs. 

The Mike Beament Award for Music Technology has allowed me to purchase all of the recording equipment I need to produce my original songs and turn them into finished pieces. Without this amazing opportunity to produce my own music to release, I wouldn’t have been able to progress so much as an artist, and for that I am very thankful for AYM.” 

Legacies are hugely important to AYM and the hundreds of young musicians, like Chloe, we support every year. After you have looked after your family, friends and those closest to you, a gift in your will could do amazing things. You can pass on something wonderful, you can pass on a musical life. Will you give talent a chance? 

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