This Remember A Charity Week we’re asking, will you give talent a chance?

During Remember A Charity Week (6 – 12 September 2021) we’re celebrating our generous supporters who are committed to helping the next generation of young musicians.

Legacies are hugely important to AYM and the hundreds of young musicians we support every year. Never have they been more important than in the last eighteen months which disrupted young peoples’ music education in so many ways: Young people have been unable to play together, meet with their teachers or perform in person. However with funding we received through generous legacies and other donations, we continued to help young musicians keep playing music throughout this challenging time.

You can be remembered, or remember a loved one, by creating a Named Award to support young musicians on our Awards programme.  

Lynda Beament created The Mike Beament Award for Music Technology in memory of her late husband in 2020. Mike was a fun person with an eclectic musical taste and a love of anything new and out of the ordinary. The Mike Beament Award for Music Technology supports young musicians working with technology. 

“Mike was a great mentor and friend to people from all walks of life and I know that he would love the idea of being able to help talented young musicians to explore all that music making has to offer.” 

14 year old pianist, guitarist and singer/songwriter Chloe was one of the first recipients of The Mike Beament Award for Music Technology, which she used to purchase music production equipment. 

“In the future I would like to be a vocal coach. I would also like to perform gigs and keep writing and producing songs. 

The Mike Beament Award for Music Technology has allowed me to purchase all of the recording equipment I need to produce my original songs and turn them into finished pieces. Without this amazing opportunity to produce my own music to release, I wouldn’t have been able to progress so much as an artist, and for that I am very thankful for AYM.” 

Giles Gostwick established The Lucy Gostwick Award to remember his daughter. Lucy was a talented multi-instrumentalist who sadly suffered from a life-threatening genetic condition and significant mental health challenges in adult life which prevented her from realising all the promise of her various talents. She died in 2017, aged 37.  

Lucy’s legacy and love for music continues to be felt every year thanks to The Lucy Gostwick Award which supports the musical development of young pianists. 

“I’m so happy to keep Lucy’s passion for music alive with these Awards in her name and to continue them with a legacy in my Will.” 

16 year old Ivan, who plays the piano, organ and cello, was delighted when he was amongst the first young musicians to receive The Lucy Gostwick Award in 2020.  

“Without The Lucy Gostwick Award I would never have been able to access essential experiences for a budding musicians, such as going to workshops and masterclasses, as well as buying a light weight cello case which will make it easier for my back problems when travelling. Thank you for making such a difference for my prospects as a musician”. 

Diana Toeman set up The Richard Toeman Memorial Award in memory of her late husband, who was a key figure in the music publishing world, in 2014. Since, then The Richard Toeman Memorial Award has supported nine young pianists, including Jacky Zhang and Thomas Luke (who both competed in the BBC Young Musicians of the Year 2020 keyboard category finals, which Thomas won) and concert pianist Julian Trevelyan.  

“When Richard died in 2005, I started to think about how I could honour his musical life by giving opportunities to young musicians who need them. I learnt about AYM when I was invited to a concert and was so impressed by the young musicians I saw perform. I knew that Richard would have been equally impressed. I heard the musical talent of young people growing up in low income families; it was clear that in order to make further progress they really need AYM’s support.” 

Diana is also leaving a gift in her Will to AYM: 

“After speaking to Hester Cockcroft, AYM’s Chief Executive, I found out that leaving a legacy in my Will was really simple. I knew I wanted to do it to honour Richard’s memory and make sure that young musicians growing up today have the chance to fulfil their potential. It’s what Richard would have wanted.” 

After you have looked after your family, friends and those closest to you, a gift in your Will could do amazing things. You can pass on something wonderful, you can pass on a musical life.  

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