Young musician playing acoustic bass.

Remember A Charity 2021: Elin’s Story

During Remember a Charity Week (6 – 12 September 2021) we’re celebrating our generous supporters who are committed to supporting the next generation of musicians, and the young musicians they support. 

17 year old Elin from Powys is a talented pianist and a bourgeoning songwriter. She also plays the ukulele, cello and saxophone! 

“I’ve been writing songs since I was 10 or 11 years old and it’s now my passion and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to record a few.   

“This year, I was asked by designer Misa Harada, to write a song for her London Fashion Week 2021 virtual hat collection. Over five days, I wrote and recorded Teacup Lady. I uploaded it to BBC Music Introducing (BBC Radio’s platform supporting unsigned, undiscovered, and under-the-radar UK talent) and Adam Walton played it four times on his show on BBC Radio Wales!”  

 “I’ve had some other great opportunities too. My work experience was with Tchad Blake (an American mixer and engineer) and I spent the week as a mixing assistant on the band Green Day’s album, ‘Father of All.”  

 “After I have finished college, where I study Music, Art and Sociology, I plan to have a gap year to explore music and do lots of performing, writing and recording. I then hope to study Popular Music at a conservatoire such as the Royal Northern College of Music or Leeds Conservatoire. I always want to continue playing classical music, as I adore playing the piano and will never give it up!”  

Elin became the tenth young musician to receive The Richard Toeman Memorial Award in 2021 which she will use to support her music making.   

She says: 

“AYM has been a huge help in giving me many great opportunities: I am so grateful! I absolutely love music and I’m so excited to see where my journey takes me! 

“I plan to use my Award this year to contribute towards travel costs to the Junior Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and also to purchase some equipment for home recording.” 

Legacies are hugely important to AYM and the hundreds of young musicians, like Elin, we support every year. After you have looked after your family, friends and those closest to you, a gift in your will could do amazing things. You can pass on something wonderful, you can pass on a musical life. Will you give talent a chance? 

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