Young musician Ivan with his cello and award certificate

Remember A Charity Week 2021: Ivan’s Story

During Remember A Charity Week (6 – 12 September 2021) we’re celebrating our generous donors and the young musicians they support. With their help, young musicians like Ivan can continue their musical journeys and reach their potential. 

16 year old Ivan plays the piano, cello and organ. He says: 

“My mum is a single parent and we are both visually impaired. Public transport is expensive and without help, I would have to forego opportunities such as getting to my weekly classes at the Centre for Young Musicians and performing at venues such as the Barbican.  
“My mum and I are both night blind and cannot travel by public transport when it’s late and there is no disabled assistance. So the only way of being able to perform at a concert such as at the Barbican is to come home by taxi.” 

Ivan is thriving as a young musician and has plenty to be proud of. In spring 2021, he was finalist in the Milton Keynes Young Musician of the Year competition and he won two categories in the Watford Festival of Music Speech and Drama. He says: 

“Both festivals have a high reputation in my area. When I was younger, I dreamed of taking part in these festivals in what seemed a very distant future. Now it’s here, I can’t quite believe the amazing results I achieved, especially given the high level of competition this year.” 

Over the last few months, Ivan has enjoyed performing too. In June, he gave his second solo lunchtime recital. 

“After months of playing without an audience and being unable perform, it’s been quite a challenge to build-up my concert stamina again. However, I surprised myself with the level at which I played in my first recital since lockdown. This was echoed by the full house to which I performed.” 

Ivan was delighted when he was amongst the first young musicians to receive The Lucy Gostwick Award in 2020. 

“Without The Lucy Gostwick Award I would never have been able to access essential experiences for a budding musician, such as going to workshops and masterclasses, as well as buying a light weight cello case which will make it easier for my back problems when travelling. Thank you for making such a difference for my prospects as a musician”. 

Legacies are hugely important to AYM and the hundreds of young musicians, like Ivan, we support every year. After you have looked after your family, friends and those closest to you, a gift in your will could do amazing things. You can pass on something wonderful, you can pass on a musical life. Will you give talent a chance? 

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